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7 in. Cube Glass Terrarium in Gold

7 In. Cube Glass Terrarium In Gold

29.22 USD
Manufacturing brass edges. Made of metal and also glass. 6.5 in. Dia. x 6.5 around. H one lbs. . The Danya B 7 Cube Brass and Glass Terrarium is attractively developed to add in an earthy flair to your space. Smartly set up the succulents of yours to...

Musical Bookend in Gold Finish

Musical Bookend In Gold Finish

49.95 USD
Heart of music and also adorn regular bookshelves. Made from poyresin and also glass. four in. W x five in. D x seven in. H 4.35 lbs. . Capture the heart of adorn and also music you common bookshelves with Danya B Musical Glass Bookend Set. Crafted from challenging...


2-pc "s" Wall Mount Shelf In Black

33.15 USD
Comes with all the hardware. Made from laminated MDF. 22.5 within. W x four in. D x 4.75 around. H 4.5 set up lbs. . Danya B set of two Black S wall surface mount racks offer the picture of that float in the wall as well as...

Polyhedral Metal Terrarium in Gold

Polyhedral Metal Terrarium In Gold

34.52 USD
Symmetric design. 3 dimensional planter label. Made of metal and also glass. 5.25 in. Dia. x 5.25 around. H 1.1 lbs. . Showcase the charming tabletop oasis of yours from the Danya B Polyhedral Brass and Glass Terrarium.Design the own miniature garden of yours with orchids, mosses, succulents or...