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Deflecto Checker Bottom SuperMat for Carpets

Deflecto Checker Bottom Supermat For Carpets

66.96 USD
A contemporary design to counter area is offered by checkered chairmat. SuperMat thickness is appropriate for medium pile to low pile carpets with as much as 3/4 thickness. Checkered style grips floor covering to hold on to the mat in its place and doesn't include studs to ensure...

Deflecto EnvironMat for Carpet

Deflecto Environmat For Carpet

58.03 USD
EnvironMat with a lip helps to protect the low pile carpets of yours from deterioration. Hard rolling good surface area makes chair drive quick and easy. Scuffs due to lounge chair casters are resisted by textured main surface area. Sturdy, straight edged, green chairmat is established with a very high...