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Photon Freedom Micro LED keychain flashlight, Platinum Body, White beam (most popular)

Photon Freedom Micro Led Keychain Flashlight, Platinum Body, White Beam (most Popular)

15.95 USD
The best wear, most amazing, full featured LED micro light out there! Total range brightness charge in addition to safe keeping strobe beacons is offered by single-button operation. In full water resistant and agreeable with the widely used Photon hands free clip necklace clip goodies sold separately...

Photon UV 'Scorpion Finder' - UV/Blacklight scorpion detection

Photon Uv 'scorpion Finder' - Uv/blacklight Scorpion Detection

15.95 USD
Keychain-sized UV scorpion detection. Photon's Scorpion Finder is a tailored black colored Photon Freedom Micro with a purple' blacklight' beam, a matching black color anodized quick release keyring, as well as having the Scorpion Finder logo on the rear. The deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq are...