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Matfer Fluted Round Exoglass Cutter - 4-3/8

Matfer Fluted Round Exoglass Cutter - 4-3/8"

23.95 USD
Level of this specific cutter is 1 3/8 inch no matter what the diameter. Made Of Composite Plastic Called Exoglass This Tool Guarantees Ultimate Hygiene - The Material Will be Non Stick So that you Don't Have to be able to Dip It In Flour In Between 2 Cuts...

Matfer 12

Matfer 12" Slotted Pelton Spatula - Blue

12.00 USD
This kind of slotted spatula from Matfer is versatile to ensure that it is able to lift up and also switch fragile fish, omelets, as well as other saut eacute ed food without hurting them. Modeled after the regular stainless-steel fish spatula, with its full length four 1/2 quot...