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Nova Ortho-Med Cruiser Deluxe Junior 4207BL  Blue

Nova Ortho-med Cruiser Deluxe Junior 4207bl Blue

229.95 USD
Nova Ortho Med 4207BL Enhance security and also comfort aided by the Cruiser Deluxe Junior by Nova Ortho Med. It's a minimal tackle option 30.25 in addition to low seat position nineteen . This convenient little walker incorporates our patented Feather Touch hand foot brake, six tires...

Nova Ortho-Med Tub Shower Board 9200

Nova Ortho-med Tub Shower Board 9200

62.99 USD
Nova Ortho Med 9200 Provide highly effective feeding aided by the Dobbhoff Nasogastric Feeding Tube with Safe Enteral Connection by Covidien. Engineered protection controls feeding ports are non-complementary with I.V. or Luer-lock connectors consequently decreasing the chance of accidental connection or perhaps infusion. Purple feeding port shows dietary port...

Nova Ortho-Med 16 Back Foam Cushion 2611BK-16

Nova Ortho-med 16 Back Foam Cushion 2611bk-16

62.99 USD
Nova Ortho Med 2611BK 16 Provide greatest comfort with the Cardinal Health Non Sterile Conforming Stretch Gauze Bandage. The polyester in these bandages enables adaptable motion with no unraveling or perhaps linting. Great for using as a second dressing, they're able to be stretched and left unstretched to meet up...