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Rochester Medical UltraFlex Self-adhering Catheter 33102 Each

Rochester Medical Ultraflex Self-adhering Catheter 33102 Each

1.49 USD
Rochester Medical 33102 Enhance maximum skin integrity and also comfort aided by the UltraFlex Self Adhering Male External Catheter. It's hundred latex free and also takes away the chance of latex related skin problems. This kind of breathable catheter promotes skin which is good and is also smooth...

Rochester Medical WideBand Self-Adhering Catheter 36102 Box of 100

Rochester Medical Wideband Self-adhering Catheter 36102 Box Of 100

180.99 USD
Rochester Medical 36102 Stop the catheter from unintentionally detaching making use of The WideBand Self adhering Catheters. It's the newest standard for male outside catheters. For the earliest period, adhesive is assembled into almost all areas of the sheath wall. It's seventy more adhesive spot than is found...