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Viva Decor Crystal Gel 8.5oz-Hologram

Viva Decor Crystal Gel 8.5oz-hologram

12.34 USD
VIVA DECORCrystal Gel A unique gel available in bright colors that can be applied in thickness and produces a remarkable 3D effect particularly when applied to build a structured shape and in which you can inlay shapes and accessories Have fun using stencils to create patterns or create relief on...

Ferro Metal Effect Textured Paint 3oz-Bordeaux

Ferro Metal Effect Textured Paint 3oz-bordeaux

6.70 USD
VIVA DECORFerro Metal Effect Color Ferro is a completely unique specific impact color ink which provides an actual steel exterior Use it to brighten and also complement some job both inside your home and out It's a lasting waterbased acrylic and is usually implemented on paper cardboard ceramic fire wood...

Viva Decor Modeling Creme 90g-Gold

Viva Decor Modeling Creme 90g-gold

5.94 USD
VIVA DECORModeling Cream Create a shimmering mama of pearl impact on full glass stone wood fabric ceramics paper plus more Use freehand and with a stencil making photographs which are fabulous with a metallic 3D result Tools thoroughly clean very easily using only water This system is made up of...